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Cement pumping skid

CPS 636

The CPS-636 cement pumping skid delivers high-pressure pumping services (up to 1,000 hhp) for offshore operations. Its split skid design with bulkhead allows installation of a sound reduction wall. The skid is equipped with the advanced cement control (ACC) data acquisition and monitoring system, which enables precise control of slurry density.

The CPS-636 cement-pumping skid
The CPS-636 cement pumping skid.


  • High-pressure pumping
  • Meters and pumps mixing and displacement fluids
  • Recirculating cement


  • Full system redundancies
  • Direct-driven mixing pumps for improved reliability and efficiency
  • Mark III SLURRY CHIEF cement mixing equipment with CBS-393
  • Nonradioactive densitometer
  • ACC system
  • Stainless steel displacement tanks
  • Split skid with bullhead
  • Full selection of fluid ends
  • Pressurized packing lube systems
  • Solids fraction monitoring
  • Adjustable choke valve
  • Compliance with Zone 2 hazardous area regulation
  • ABS-CDS certification