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CPS 977

Cement pumping skid

The CPS 977 cement pumping skid.

The CPS 977 cement pumping skid is designed for offshore high-pressure pumping services, delivering up to 2,000 hhp. A closed-loop seawater circuit cools the motors that power the unit. The advanced cement control (ACC) data acquisition and monitoring system enables precise control of slurry density.

The CPS 977 skid features stainless steel displacement tanks, an adjustable choke valve, and a temporary replacement for mud pumping. It is compliant with Zone 2 hazardous area regulations and meets the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) certified drilling system (CDS) criteria.

The CPS 977 cement pumping skid.
CPS 977 cement pumping skid.


  • High-pressure pumping
  • Metering and pumping of mixing and displacement fluids
  • Cement recirculation


  • Lower NPT as a result of full system redundancies
  • Improved reliability and efficiency with direct-driven mixing pumps
  • Minimized environmental impact due to elimination of diesel tank, radiator, and exhaust pipe requirements
  • Nonradioactive densitometer
  • Split skid and bulkhead
  • Full selection of fluid ends
  • Pressurized packing and lubrication systems
  • Solids fraction monitoring