ACTive Xtreme

CT real-time rugged downhole measurement tool

ACTive Xtreme tool circuit board.

Improves decision making with real-time information

The ACTive Xtreme CT real-time rugged downhole measurement tool was designed for harsh environments and difficult wellbore conditions, including high pressure, high temperature, high flow rates, abrasive slurries, acids, solvents, and high shock loads. The tool combines pressure, temperature, CCL, and gamma ray sensors with precise force and torque sensors. Along with accelerometers, these sensors provide a robust suite of downhole measurements to effectively optimize demanding mechanical services such as milling, jarring, or fishing. The expanded operational range of this tool improves job efficiency and subsequent well performance for even the most challenging downhole conditions.

With real-time measurements provided by the ACTive Xtreme tool, you can eliminate the most common uncertainties found in conventional or heavy-duty CT operations by

  • monitoring accurate WOB during milling
  • detecting stalls early by quickly determining changes on positive displacement motor or turbine downhole motor torque and verifying pressure variations
  • ensuring the proper application of force with shifting and retrieval tools during fishing and manipulation of wellbore hardware
  • intervening in high-temperature and high-pressure wells with confidence
  • attaining precise depth correlation with the tubing, casing, and formation
  • confirming shock impact resulting from perforating, fishing, or interventions with impact hammers using the accelerometer sensor
  • controlling a complex packer setting (such as for ACTive Straddle CT real-time multiset inflatable packer) through the use of robust real-time downhole measurements
  • enabling faster interventions by achieving higher flow rates
  • using a full range of measurement sensors, including accelerometers, to accurately evaluate downhole conditions such as perforation shock levels or motor vibrations.
Schlumberger Employee in a lab holding the ACTive Xtreme tool.
ACTive Xtreme tool modules: the main telemetry module, the depth control module, and the load module
The ACTive Xtreme tool comprises three modules: The main telemetry module (top) provides pressure and temperature measurements. The depth control module (middle) provides CCL and GR measurements. The load module (bottom) provides axial load and torque measurements.
ACTive Xtreme
CT real-time rugged downhole measurement tool