AbrasiFRAC Abrasive Perforating and Fracturing Service | SLB


Abrasive perforating and fracturing service

Panoramic ilustration of a wellsite.

Reduce cycle time and costs by fracturing multiple intervals in a single field operation

The AbrasiFRAC abrasive perforating and fracturing service perforates and stimulates multiple intervals in the well in a single field operation, offering better access in less time. Reservoir treatments are more accurately placed, and the pressure required to initiate the fracture is significantly reduced.

Slurry containing abrasive solids is pumped at high differential pressures through a specially designed jet gun conveyed on the CT toolstring. The resulting high-velocity fluid stream perforates tubulars (casing, liner, predrilled or slotted liner, and tubing) and any surrounding cement, then penetrates deep into the formation.

For multiple-stage treatments, sand plugs or bridge plugs can be used for zonal isolation between the reservoir treatment stages. Retrievable or millable bridge plugs enable AbrasiFRAC service to isolate, perforate, and fracture multiple zones. Jetting guns are available in various sizes and phasing configurations.

Illustration of the AbrasiFRAC abrasive perforating and fracturing service downhole.