Extreme overbalance CT stimulation system

Schlumberger worker standing in the snow smiling while on a rigsite.

Protect the formation while accessing more perforations

The ThorFRAC extreme overbalance CT stimulation system is a way of shocking coalbed methane formations to produce longer, cleaner perforations without damaging the coal. This method reduces both the cleat damage that can lead to fluid recovery problems and the complex fracture behavior that can cause excessive near-wellbore pressure.

Customize stimulation design

Fracturing technology is incorporated into a specially designed ThorFrac system CT BHA. A straddle tool isolates separate perforation intervals and a built-in multiset release valve (customizable to each interval) stores nitrogen pressure in the CT string. The valve releases nitrogen at a preset pressure, extending the cleats into the coal without damaging the formation. The tool is repositioned across the subsequent perforation interval and the process repeated.

Reduce footprint and completion costs

The ThorFrac system enables a more efficient fracking process, opening up a larger area in the formation across more intervals using a single trip downhole.

Surface rig-up of operations using conventional technology and using ThorFRAC system.