CT Plus

Coiled tubing bits

Concrete blue texture

Optimize performance during plug milling operations

Available in a range of sizes and both PDC and roller cone configurations, CT Plus coiled tubing bits reduce milling time and drill all required plugs.

Roller cone configuration

Roller cone CT Plus bits provide maximum gouging and scraping while milling composite plugs. Engineered for extended-reach milling operations in various applications, this configuration features premium tungsten carbine hardfacing, enhanced seals, and high-tolerance bearings for durability in rough environments.

PDC configuration

For demanding high-temperature environments, PDC CT Plus bits provide efficient and durable milling performance. Because of their ability to withstand reservoir temperatures and internal heat generation challenges, these bits mitigate the risk of seal failure and enable longer run durations. CT Plus bits in a PDC configuration generate smaller cuttings, yield faster milling times, and provide higher reliability in harsh environments.

CT Plus