Automated offshore CT unit

CTSeas offshore CT system.

The highly flexible, fit-for-purpose CT SEAS automated offshore CT unit is readily adaptable for many offshore structures, including platforms, floaters, and tension leg platforms. This high degree of flexibility gives you the full capabilities of a conventional coiled tubing (CT) unit. An ergonomically designed cabin enhances operator control while reducing personnel requirements, rig-up time, and costs.

A key philosophy driving the design architecture of the CT SEAS unit was the creation of safer, efficient, and functional skid packages. The system comprises just 10 primary skids, which reduce crane lifts from 53 to only 36 on a typical operation in the North Sea. This reduction in lifts is achieved by delivering many components to the wellsite as assembled units. For example, riser and triple BOP components travel as preassembled and tested units, and the injector is assembled to the jacking frame and stripper with the gooseneck attached.

CT SEAS Automated Offshore CT Unit
The CT SEAS unit is designed for offshore coiled tubing (CT) operations in demanding environments on fixed and floating facilities.