CT TComp

CT offshore motion compensation system

CT TComp offshore CT system.

The CT TComp CT offshore motion compensation system protects wellhead integrity during CT operations by limiting wellhead stresses. The system compensates for vertical and horizontal wellhead motion inside or outside the derrick. Rig-up is faster and requires fewer personnel than with conventional systems.

The CT TComp system is preassembled in three skids, one each for the hydraulic power unit, BOP, and injector. Fewer than half the minimum number of lifts are required to load conventional equipment onto the platform. All components are delivered, installed, and tested within their frames without requiring unpacking or assembly. Virtually every feature is designed to save time and reduce costs.

The system can be used as

  • heave-compensated jacking frame
  • 350-ton tension-lift frame
  • internally compensated tension-lift.
CT TComp CT Offshore Motion Compensation System
The CT TComp system automatically maintains riser load and stress joint flexibility at optimal levels.