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Multiple CT String Connection System

ReelCONNECT CT extension system.

The ReelCONNECT system extends CT applications to deeper wells.

The most common application for the ReelCONNECT multiple CT string connection system is in offshore operating environments, where limited lifting or logistics capacities restrict the size of the CT strings. However, the system can be used in a range of onshore and offshore applications—any time a secure connection with reliable pressure integrity is required and repeated bending cycles are necessary.

The outer profile of the installed connector finishes flush with the OD of the CT string, while the internal profile remains compatible with launching operations for standard balls, darts, or pigs. The connector is compatible with standard jar and accelerator combinations in the BHA as well as with the friction and drag-reducing tool.

A connector assembly skid is used to align and make up the CT string sections to the connector. The skid enables the work platform to be raised to an optimal height for connector installation. It also provides a well-lit and protected environment for connector installation. Using a wireless remote control panel, the operator is able to control and guide the two sections of CT pipe into the skid while standing at a safer distance.

ReelCONNECT multiple CT string extension system.