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Modular offshore CT unit

X-11 offshore CT system.

The X-11 modular offshore CT unit was developed as a flexible, fit-for-purpose system that is easily adaptable for many offshore structures, including platforms, barges, spars, floaters, and tension-leg platforms. The X-11 unit works with CT sizes ranging from 1 in to 2 in, and changing from one CT size to another is safer, easier, and more efficient.

The X-11 unit comprises five main skids:

  • hydraulic power pack
  • control cabin
  • drop-in drum reel
  • two transport baskets that contain well-control equipment and the injector.

Modular in design, the hydraulic power pack, control cabin, and transport baskets are built in standard shipping containers, and the control cabin can stack on top of the hydraulic power pack. This design reduces the total weight and footprint of the entire CT system.

X-11 modular offshore CT unit.