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StreamLINE iX

Extreme-performance polymer-locked wireline cable

Image showing polymer-locked core of StreamLINE iX cable
StreamLINE iX Cable: Technical Presentation
In this technical presentation, we review the application, benefits, and features of the StreamLine iX cable.

Reliable access to any well including in extreme environments

The StreamLINE iX extreme-performance polymer-locked wireline cable is the industry’s ultimate wireline cable that addresses all challenges related to conventional wireline deployment in well diagnostics, intervention, workover, and completion operations. This coaxial cable is optimized to work in all environments and is available in standard and sour versions. With its high-strength alloy armors in combination with the fully encapsulated termination, the sour version of StreamLINE iX cable is ideal for extreme sour downhole conditions, preventing any gas migration.

StreamLINE iX cable delivers significant efficiency gains by eliminating grease injection and its environmental concerns for well control; the risks posed by armor stranding, birdcaging, and corrosion; maintenance trips to address twisting; and cable seasoning requirements. The result is highly reduced operational risk and the costs and time generated by maintenance-related logistics.

Image showing StreamLINE iX cable run downhole

Available in the 2-35 version for regular services and 2-44 version for high-power services, the StreamLINE iX cable delivers efficient, reliable, and greaseless conveyance for production services in all wellbore and operating environments.

Deliver high performance in any basin

Fit for any basin, coaxial StreamLINE iX cable is available in two sizes for both standard and sour conditions. Its unique capabilities make it the only wireline cable needed to convey any production-related technology in your basin environment.

The 2-44 cable is fitted with a 13 AWG conductor, reliably delivering high power downhole even in extended-length laterals. This high power delivery, in combination with the cable’s friction-reducing smooth polymerlocked jacket and high strength-to-weight ratio, makes StreamLINE iX cable the optimal choice for advanced tractored wireline intervention operations in the deepest, most complex laterals, such as in the Middle East.

Because StreamLINE iX cable is essentially a single element, it has the highest-possible integrity for performing wireline and basic slickline operations. This enables you to unlock higher operational efficiency and reduce HSE risk, especially for deepwater rigs and lightweight intervention vessels, such as in the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea.

Image showing production tree with StreamLINE iX cable]
The StreamLINE iX cable eliminates the need for grease injection, simplifying PCE.
350 degF
max. operating temperature
400 psi 
H2S partial pressure
9,800 psi
Wellhead pressure
421 ft
2 7/8-in gun deployment
Graph showing depth and surface tension

Previously Inaccessible Lateral Logged by Cutting Friction with Smooth-Jacketed Wireline

Conveyance on tractor and 2-44 StreamLINE iX polymer-locked cable acquires both flowing and shut-in data in a single run

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