Fishing systems

Slickline-conveyed high-performance heavy-duty and ultraheavy-duty fishing solutions

Solutions to meet any fishing challenge or well environment

Our market-leading fishing systems have a highly successful track record of recovering items lost downhole and restarting production. From discrete fishing tool rental to fully tailored, full-service, heavy- and ultraheavy-duty fishing solutions, SLB has the products, expertise, and global reach to provide the right package at the right time to its customers.

Fit-for-purpose fishing packages designed by heavy-duty fishing specialists

Peak Family™ flow control and well intervention tools include a set of heavy- and ultraheavy-duty fishing tools that provide an efficient, cost-effective alternative to coiled tubing or workovers. These are the tools of choice for operators and service companies around the world because of their strength and performance, with proven engineering design to tackle high loads with consistent reliability.

Our skilled heavy-duty fishing team can meticulously plan your fishing operation. Backed by in-house engineering support, the fishing team can tailor a solution to meet any challenge and suit any well environment. Tool connections are engineered to provide high load integrity for the fishing toolstring or while interfacing with the fish (full radial contact).

For high-angle or high-force applications, improved performance and capabilities are attained by combining Peak Family heavy- and ultraheavy-duty fishing tools with our tractor and powered intervention platforms.


Wireline cutters

Electronically activated nonexplosive wireline cutter

Electronically activated nonexplosive wireline cutter

Customer support

Customer support.

Let us help you customize the best design to meet your fishing challenge.