Retrievable bridge plug

Closeup image of SIMstandard retrievable bridge plug.

Safe and reliable sealing integrity for flow control anywhere in your well’s tubing string

The SIMstandard retrievable bridge plug provides a flow control solution using simple hardware that can be mechanically set anywhere in the production tubing string without the need for a nipple profile. This tool offers high performance with fully certified NACE MR0175 sour service components used to deliver a reliable temporary barrier that enables zone isolation or remediation operations. Sour service elastomers are available in select sizes.

With an operating temperature range between 104 to 350 degF [40 to 177 degC] and differential pressure up to 7,500 psi [52 MPa], the SIMstandard bridge plug is available in a wide range of standard industry diameters and nominal tubing sizes from 2 3/8 in to 6 5/8 in.

Image of SIMstandard retrievable bridge plug.

Delivers safer reliability compared with conventional intervention tools and a cost-effective approach for improved well production in multiple and complex producing zones.

100% mechanical plug setting in nippleless completions to manage multiple and complex producing zones

Conveyed using a conventional slickline toolstring, the SIMstandard bridge plug can be set at any chosen depth inside monobore-type completions or completions where existing production nipples are damaged or unsuitable. Equipped with bidirectional plug slips and an expandable seal-type barrier, your SIMstandard plug can be used where setting depth is critical and customized with a debris catcher sub or a wide range of optional flow control accessories.

Compact design to improve production and reduce tool inventory and costs

The SIMstandard bridge plug features multiple setting options with interchangeable components and a simple, compact design for easy redress in the field.

The plug’s modular design offers options for mechanical setting using slickline, coiled tubing, or e-line. Its simple, compact design enables easy redress in the field and its large throughbore provides the flexibility for both plugging and flow control applications while minimizing the tools effective restriction during deployment, recovery, equalization, and flow.

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