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Through-wired roller-centralizer sub

Close-up of through-wired roller-centralizer sub tool.

Reduce friction and extend wireline operating range

The eWellGlide™ through-wired roller-centralizer sub helps convey wireline toolstrings in high-angle deviated wells. eWellGlide subs can be positioned anywhere in the toolstring to lift the body and weight of the string onto the roller axles, reducing friction between the toolstring body and tubing wall.

The fluted body ensures sufficient bypass when running through fluids and provides standoff or centralization for toolstrings inside larger-bore tubulars. Rollers are available in various sizes and chosen based on job specifications. The subs are highly debris tolerant and easy to service in the field to ensure multiple successive runs.

The eWellGlide sub comes in two versions: 

  • The monoconductor version has a single wire through the center that enables placement at the top of the toolstring as an extension of the monoconductor cable. 
  • The 22-pin version has 22 wires and the same standard pin connections as downhole wireline tools, enabling the roller to be placed anywhere within the downhole toolstring without affecting intertool communication.

The eWellGlide sub replaces third-party roller bogies that are expensive to service and prone to seize up without meticulous maintenance. 

  • High-angle deviated wells
  • Large-bore tubulars
  • Perforation operations (monoconductor sub)
The eWellGlide sub is available in two versions: 22-pin (top) and monoconductor (bottom).
The eWellGlide sub is available in two versions: 22-pin (top) and monoconductor (bottom).
  • Fluted body
  • Two configurations: monoconductor and 22-pin
  • Roller size selection based on job specifications
  • High debris tolerance 
  • NACE MR0175-compliance for H2S and CO2 resistance

eWellGlide Through-Wired Roller-Centralizer Sub Specifications

Option Monoconductor Monoconductor Monoconductor 22-pin 22-pin
Nominal tubing size 3.5 in 4.5 in 5.5 in 4.5 in 5.5 in
Max. tool OD (without rollers) 2.125 in [54 mm] 2.500 in [63.5 mm] 3.350 in [85.1 mm] 2.500 in [63.5 mm] 3.350 in [85.1 mm]
Tool OD (with rollers)* 2.230–2.600 in
[56.6–66 mm]
2.750–3.350 in
[69.8–85 mm]
3.650–5.000 in
[92.7–127 mm]
2.750–3.250 in
[69.8–82.6 mm]
3.650–4.920 in
[92.7–125 mm]
Length 15.9 in [403.9 mm] 15.9 in [403.9 mm] 19.6 in [497.8 mm] 19 in [482.6 mm] 23 in [584.2 mm]
Weight (with rollers)** 12 lbm [5.4 kg] 13 lbm [5.9 kg] 23 lbm [10.4 kg] 14 lbm [6.4 kg] 25 lbm [11.3 kg]
Pressure rating 10,000 psi [68.9 MPa] 10,000 psi [68.9 MPa] 10,000 psi [68.9 MPa] 10,000 psi [68.9 MPa] 10,000 psi [68.9 MPa]

All specifications are subject to change without notice
* Rollers available separately.
** Approximate value based on roller selection.