Peak Family Clamp-On Roller Centralizer | SLB

Peak Family clamp-on roller centralizer

Assists centralization of wireline tools in high-angle deviated wells

3D illustration of the Peak Family clamp-on roller centralizer.

Centralize wireline tools in challenging scenarios

The clamp-on roller centralizer of Peak Family™ flow control and well intervention tools helps centralize wireline tools such as the SCMT™ slim cement mapping tool in high-angle deviated wells. It's unique clamp-on roller assembly addresses centralization challenges in small casing sizes for improved log quality and tool access.

  • Centralizes SCMT tool and other wireline tools in deviated, small-diameter casings where spring centralizers may not provide adequate centralization force
  • Reduces friction between toolstring and tubing or casing
  • Provides customizable centralization through interchangeable rollers
  • Enables easy field servicing to facilitate multiple successive runs
  • Roller size selection based on job specifications
  • High debris tolerance
  • NACE MR0175 compliance for H2S and CO2 resistance
  • Dual securing application: Large screws located into grooves and lateral clamping mechanism ensure the centralizer is firmly secured

Secured to the toolstring with large screws and a lateral clamping mechanism to provide standoff or centralization for toolstrings, the clamp-on roller centralizer reduces friction between the toolstring body and tubing wall.

With rollers available in various sizes and chosen based on job specifications, the clamp-on roller centralizer is adaptable to any wireline tool that has a dogbone OD. It ensures sufficient bypass when running through fluids, is highly debris tolerant, and is easy to service in the field.