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Well integrity

Assess and restore leaking or damaged wells

Leak Detection Tool

Identify and remediate wellbore leaks quickly and effectively

SLB provides a range of slickline-deployed well integrity tools for identifying breaches between production tubing and annulus, straddling leaks, shutting off water and gas, and realigning broken or damaged tubing. Together, this suite of tools will help restore proper function in leaking or damaged wells.

Peak Family™ flow control and well intervention tools include a leak detection tool that helps you identify the location of any tubing-to-annulus communication within the completion string. The tool is slickline-deployed and enables multiple tests without the need to pull out of hole. Once the leak area has been identified, other products—such as straddles offered with the SIM™ sealing integrity management system—may be deployed to isolate the leak path and restore well integrity.

In case of fully parted tubing, the tubing alignment tool forms a temporary connection between the separated segments, enabling a plug to seal off the lower section so the upper part can be removed and replaced.

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