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Peak Family leak detection tool

Temporary, resettable sealing barrier for downhole leak detection

Peak Family leak detection tool.

Downhole leak detection with minimal downtime

Part of the Peak Family™ flow control and well intervention tools, the leak detection tool creates a temporary sealing barrier to identify the position of any tubing-to-annulus communication within the completion string. The slickline-deployed tool allows multiple surface pressure tests in different downhole locations without the need to pull back to surface. Once the leak area has been identified, other products, such as SIM™ straddles, may be deployed to isolate the leak path and restore well integrity.

  • Identifying the location of a downhole leak by creating a temporary well barrier
  • Determining the position of tubing-to-annulus communication
  • Checking the integrity of older wells
  • 1,500-psi [10.34-MPa] pressure rating
  • 350-degF [177-degC] temperature rating
  • Integral self-equalizing device
  • Wide range of tubing sizes: 2⅜ in, 2⅞ in, 3½ in, and 4½ in

Using the proven SIM running tool, the leak detection tool is deployed on a conventional slickline toolstring to the desired depth—most commonly below a suspected leak path. Reciprocation at depth allows the radial indexing mechanism to activate, anchoring the SIM running tool slips to the tubing wall. Light jarring down expands the sealing element of the Peak Family leak detection tool. After tubing pressure is applied to test tubing integrity, a simple upward movement equalizes and releases the tool. This cycle can be repeated and fine-tuned until the exact location of a leak is detected.

The Peak Family leak detection tool is available as a complete system packed with the SIM running tool or as an adapter system for an existing SIM running tool.

Peak Family leak detection tool.
Peak Family leak detection tool.