ReSOLVE Family anchor–linear actuator

Measured, controlled pulling and pushing actions

3D illustration of the ReSOLVE Family anchor-linear actuator

The anchor–linear actuator tool is part of the ReSOLVE Family™ instrumented wireline intervention service. Both the standard 3 1/8-in ReSOLVE instrumented wireline intervention service and sour-conditions-rated 2 1/8-in ReSOLVE iX™ intelligent extreme wireline intervention service combine a high-expansion anchor with a high-force linear actuator to reliably apply controlled axial force to well components.

The service is combinable with TuffTRAC™ wireline tractor, TuffTRAC iX™ intelligent extreme wireline tractor, and WIReD™ wireline inline release device. ReSOLVE iX anchor-linear actuator’s integration with the TuffTRAC iX tractor delivers effective pushing and pulling force in deviated sections of the well where downward actions become uncertain or access becomes impossible due to gravity.

  • Valve opening, closing, lockout, and replacement
  • Plug retrieval
  • Fishing operations
  • High-deviation sections
  • Hostile-condition wells
  • Slim completions

Whether in HPHT, deviated, restricted-access, or sour well conditions, the anchor–linear actuator of ReSOLVE iX service provides real-time monitoring, dynamic tool control, and verified downhole actuation to set new standards for success in well intervention operations.

Sensors incorporated into the ReSOLVE iX service enables the engineer to monitor tool activity and the progress of downhole operations while responsively controlling the tool for optimal performance. By integrating monitoring and control, ReSOLVE iX service eliminates the reliance on estimates and assumptions that is typical with conventional winch-controlled intervention methods such as slickline.

Furthermore, its actions are not impacted by deviation or process adherence, as each action is controlled via an intuitive dashboard that delivers repeatable and consistent results. The service also detects unexpected behavior and provides insight into downhole conditions so you can remediate issues using the most effective solution.

The linear actuator can be combined with the ReSOLVE Family smart shifting tool, slickline tools, and any third-party shifting, pulling, and interface tools.

The anchor opens with the industry’s largest reach. From the tool OD to the tubing, it spans nearly 2 in [50.8 mm] for standard operations and 3 in [76.2 mm] for extreme-performance operations.

Up to 150,000 lbf [667,230 N] of anchoring force can be precisely applied across three anchoring arms. The innovative low-stress anchor grips minimize impact on the tubing while maximizing traction.

Once anchoring is confirmed to the surface by ReSOLVE Family services’ real-time measurements, the linear actuator can be extended or retracted multiple times as necessary to apply a large, controlled force of up to 16,000 lbf [71,171 N] to a specific well component. Continuous measurements of displacement down to less than 1-mm resolution and the applied force validate completion of the operation.

Images of the ReSOLVE Family patented, innovative low-stress anchor grips
The patented, innovative low-stress anchor grips (left) used by ReSOLVE Family services are designed with rounded, shallow, and wide grooves that minimize the imprint effects on tubing (top) while also providing very high traction capabilities. The effects on tubing were evaluated through finite-element analysis of stress (bottom) to optimize grip design.
3D illustration of the ReSOLVE Family anchor-linear actuator
ReSOLVE Family instrumented wireline intervention services offer a high-expansion anchor with a high-force linear actuator to reliably apply controlled axial force to well components.
ReSOLVE Family anchor–linear actuator spec table