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ReSOLVE Family milling tool

Orchestrated, tractor-powered rotary and milling tool operation

ReSOLVE Family milling tool

The ReSOLVE Family milling tool uses advanced hardware and intelligence to pulverize debris, scale, and other tubular deposits and mill tubing restrictions, plugs, and other completion accessories. No matter your well's condition, both the standard ReSOLVE™ instrumented wireline intervention service and sour-conditions-rated ReSOLVE iX™ extreme-performance instrumented wireline intervention service employ the ReSOLVE Family milling tool to regain well access without introducing potentially formation-damaging fluids. The tool uses a novel PDC bit design. Optimized for maximum ROP when milling hard scale buildup, this mill bit achieves the highest rate of scale volume milled within the power limits of electric wireline.

The TuffTRAC™  cased hole services tractor or TuffTRAC iX™  extreme-performance wireline tractor is seamlessly integrated to automatically drive the milling tool forward and resist rotation while the tool’s rotating bit engages obstructions. You are fully informed of the tool’s performance status through real-time downhole measurements visualized in an intuitive dashboard.

Woman looking at the milling tool for ReSOLVE iX service

MillOptimizer autonomous milling system

With the autonomous, coordinated control of the MillOptimizer autonomous milling system, the tractor and milling tool operate as a single intelligent system to maximize milling efficiency and ensure operation success:

  • WOB and milling torque are autonomously monitored and adjusted to achieve a set torque and minimize stalling. 
  • The bit stalling recovery sequence immediately detects stall events, if not prevented, and autonomously stops the tool, disengaging it by reversing the bit and the tractor, and then resuming milling operation without engineer action.
  • Head-voltage stabilization autonomously adjusts surface voltage to maximize available downhole milling power and ensure equipment reliability.
  • Over-temperature protection autonomously pauses the milling bit if the motor temperature exceeds the thermal limit to ensure safe operation at 350 degF [177 degC].
  • Arm-force regulation continuously monitors and adjusts hydraulic pressure to maintain set arm force during and between milling operations.
  • Antirotation protection continuously monitors the toolstring orientation and pauses the milling bit to prevent cable damage when required.

With the MillOptimizer system, dependency on the engineer's intervention is relaxed compared with existing wireline milling tools that need an experienced engineer to constantly monitor and adjust the milling parameters.

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Milling system comparison showing how downhole automation maximizes milling efficiency while minimizing operator interaction.
ReSOLVE Family milling tool
Intelligent tractor-powered milling tool to remove scale and tubular deposits and mill completion accessories.