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Openhole completion wireline tractor

TerraTRAC OH openhole completion wireline tractor

A tractor that delivers

The TerraTRAC OHTM openhole completion wireline tractor delivers greater tractoring reliability in sour environments than conventional systems. Deployed in both open- and cased hole environments, it’s ideal for conveying most wireline services, especially in extended-reach wells. The tractor’s unique ability to log on the down pass improves logging speed and accuracy while providing a look-ahead capability that helps identify and avoid downhole issues. This greatly reduces the risk of a stuck toolstring in horizontal wells.

Advanced downhole operation. Intelligent surface readout. 

Integration with the latest generation of SLB logging tools enables real-time surface readout while tractoring to further improve monitoring and control. Internal diagnostics and surface control capabilities enable evaluating complex completions.

TerraTRAC OH openhole completion wireline tractor

Versatile tractoring. Better performance.

The TerraTRAC OH tractor can be used in hole sizes ranging from 2 1/4 to 10 1/2 in. The system’s modular design enables operators to space multiple drive sections to straddle diameter changes and washouts. And because the TerraTRAC OH tractor optimizes power from the surface, it’s greater than 40% more efficient than conventional tractor systems.

Reaching greater depths

The TerraTRAC OH tractor can be run on all readily available cable types to depths greater than 30,000 ft. Because it is not limited by helical lockup, the tractor’s reach can often extend beyond the maximum depth achievable with coiled tubing.