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Wireline tractor

Tufftrac OH
TuffTRAC tractor wheel.

Short, modular system with reverse tractoring and traction control

The simple, robust TuffTRAC wireline tractor is the shortest tractor available and the only tractors with reverse tractoring and traction control capability in highly deviated wells. With low sensitivity to borehole conditions, the TuffTRAC tractor can deploy any of our cased hole services, including perforating, production logging, cement and corrosion evaluation, ReSOLVE instrumented wireline intervention service, plug setting, and ABC analysis behind casing services. It combines with a telemetry cartridge to provide logging while tractoring with precise speed control.

Low power, high speed

The modular TuffTRAC tractor design has low power requirements but can achieve a maximum speed of 3,200 ft/h and is compatible with all multiconductor wireline cables. At low power, it can also be run on monocable while tractoring logging passes at up to 2,400 ft/h.

TuffTRAC expanded wheel.

TuffTRAC tractor pushes stuck plug to save USD 300,000 in high-H2S and -CO2 well

Plug tractored 799 m in extreme sour environment to avoid intervention on coiled tubing, Malaysia

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Modular operational flexibility

Despite its compact length, the TuffTRAC tractor has multiple built-in systems for electrical release, head tension, shock absorption, casing collar log, and addressable tractor perforating safety switch. The result is increased operational safety, reliability, and versatility. TuffTRAC configurations typically employ two to four drive sections. Adding a tandem sub enables independent surface control of the drives above the sub from those below. Up to eight drive sections can be run to push heavy loads in difficult completions. The TuffTRAC Mono tractor can accommodate up to six drive sections.

Powered for maneuverability

The electromechanically driven TuffTRAC wheels optimize available surface power, achieving more than 45% conversion efficiency from the supplied electrical power. The low power requirements do not stress auxiliary systems nor does the tractor need stopping to cool down, even in dry gas wells.

Exclusive to TuffTRAC operations, active traction control continuously controls the radial force applied by the tractor arms. If slippage is detected, the radial force can be raised to increase the traction and then decreased once the difficult section is successfully traversed. Because the radial force applied by the arms is independent of borehole size, the TuffTRAC drives can achieve the same tractoring force in borehole IDs from 3.4 to 10.6 in [8.6 to 26.9 cm].

TuffTRAC tractor wheel.
Wireline tractor