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BARTON Technology Nuclear Products

Equipment for safety and security

Nuclear power plant and cooling tower

BARTON measurement technology is ideal for a variety of safety-related applications in nuclear power generating stations, such as steam flow, coolant flow, feedwater flow, steam generator level, pressurizer level, torus level, scram discharge level, and containment pressure.


  • BARTON 763A gauge pressure transmitter
  • BARTON 764 differential pressure (DP) transmitter
  • BARTON 752A DP electronic transmitter
  • BARTON 351, 352, and 353 liquid level systems
  • BARTON 288A DP indicator switch
  • BARTON 289A DP indicator switch
  • BARTON 227A and 227AS DP indicator
  • BARTON 580A DP switch
  • BARTON 581A nuclear DP switch
BARTON Model 764 Differential Pressure Transmitter
BARTON 764 differential pressure transmitter.