Pneumatic Differential Pressure Transmitters

Meet stringent demands of O&G production, shipboard, and process plant applications

Pneumatic differential pressure transmitters in the field

BARTON technologies include pneumatic differential pressure (DP) transmitters that help you meet the most stringent and demanding requirements for oil and gas production, U.S. Navy shipboard, and process plant applications.


  • Actuation via BARTON 199 differential pressure unit (DPU)
  • Rugged, weatherproof, noncorrosive enclosure
  • Continuous purging (pilot valve and nozzle exhaust inside)
  • Continuously adjustable operation span (100% to 20%)
  • Adjustable suppression (up to 80% of range)
  • Large valve relays, eliminating the need for secondary booster
  • Maximum air consumption of 0.05 scf/min at balance condition
Model 274A Pneumatic Transmitter
BARTON 274A pneumatic DP transmitter.