Settled solids removal system


Fluidize many solid sizes settled in your process vessel

The MOZLEY FLUIDIZER settled solids removal system is a compact and efficient device used to generate flowing slurry from solids settled at the bottom of a tank or vessel. It is uniquely designed for online discharge of sand from vessels with minimum disruption to interface levels.

Free solids trapped in the system

The MOZLEY FLUIDIZER system uses a spray head that delivers fluidizing water at the right flow rate and in the right direction. Water flows up through the center of the solids remover and out through the nozzle at the top. It clears a 15-in cylinder with a 30°–40° cone around it, fluidizing and removing sand from the area. The fluidized sand flows out through the system annulus; more sand falls into the cleared area and is fluidized.

No moving parts
Vertical or horizontal configuration
Controlled injection of water
Compact design easy to retrofit
MOZLEY FLUIDIZER system installed on a vertical desander

Design custom solutions using various flow rates and configurations

An outlet route for the fluidized sand and solids provides flow resistance. This resistance ensures the sand will flow out of the vessel at a rate matching that of the incoming liquid, which prevents any change of levels in the vessel.

The MOZLEY FLUIDIZER system is available in three sizes, with slurry flow rates of 15, 35, and 66 galUS/min. We can help you select the correct flow for your process and equipment downstream of the flow.The solids removers can be mounted either individually, through vessel nozzles (4-in nozzles for optimal clearance), or manifolded together on a common header.