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Deepwater Qualification

Umbilical-friendly production chemicals for wells in water depths greater than 1,500 ft

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Stringent testing protocol

Production chemicals play a key role in deepwater fields (water depths >1,500 ft) and the flow assurance of their associated facilities. However, they encounter larger temperature fluctuations, higher shear rates and pumping backpressures, and longer residence times than in a conventional offshore environment.

SLB has developed a comprehensive range of production chemicals to mitigate various deepwater flow assurance challenges, such as scale, corrosion, wax, asphaltene deposition, and hydrates. Our deepwater laboratory in Houston uses a broad group of qualification standards to confirm the suitability of these chemical products for deepwater application via subsea umbilicals. This testing ensures that deployment of the chemicals will not cause blockage of the umbilicals or injection system.

The first stages of qualification examine stability through accelerated ageing studies—typically through cold centrifugation of the products—followed by pressure stability checks using high-pressure, low-temperature (HPLT) rheology and pressurized flow loop studies. These tests ensure long-term stability and pumpability at HPLT conditions.

Subsequently, during secondary testing, compatibility of the chemicals with construction materials, solvents, and other products; cleanliness; and hydrate tendency are checked, together with further stability verification. Only products that pass the entire suite of tests are certified for umbilical use.

Deepwater qualification tests for Schlumberger production chemicals.
Our deepwater production chemicals undergo multiple stages of testing to ensure their stability.