Oxygen Scavengers

For seawater injection, hydrotesting operations, and water treatment equipment

Production chemicals

Mitigate corrosion caused by oxygen

Corrosion due to oxygen is a major risk for seawater injection systems and hydrotesting operations. For injection systems, oxygen removal by deaeration towers is supplemented with the use of fast-acting oxygen scavengers. For hydrotesting applications, oxygen removal relies solely on the use of chemical treatments. For both applications, we provide a range of rapid-acting sulphite-based scavengers that reduce the oxygen content to very low values (<100 ppb).

Oxygen corrosion of water treatment equipment is also a common issue. To mitigate this risk, oxygen scavengers are commonly used. These products have dual functionality; they remove oxygen and passivate the steel surface, reducing corrosion.

Oxygen scavengers: Image of chemical treatment plant