Pressure and Temperature Monitoring System | SLB

Pressure and temperature monitoring system

Access real-time annulus pressure and temperature data remotely and eliminate trips to the wellsite.

Side view of pressure and temperature monitoring system

The pressure and temperature monitoring system provides real-time remote monitoring of annulus pressure and temperature without compromising well integrity, eliminating trips to the wellsite.

The systems can be installed in onshore and offshore wells, sour service, and high-pressure, high temperature (HPHT) applications. Sensors can be integrated into gate valve bodies eliminating the need for an additional flange connection.

The system significantly reduces trips to the wellsite and into the red zone, reducing HSE risk. It also enables operators to stay continuously informed while working remotely. The continuous data provided by the pressure and temperature monitoring system improves annulus pressure management, accelerating the time to identify and react to any issues and their potentially severe impact.

The pressure and temperature monitoring system can be connected to existing infrastructure via common industry communication protocol or our remote communication system. Using our remote communication system, the data is routed through an edge device and delivered to the cloud for remote access from everywhere in the world. Unlike traditional pressure gauges, which are susceptible to accidental damage and blockage caused by gate valve grease, the pressure and temperature monitoring system’s sensor is incorporated in an API Spec 6A flange, which enables full throughbore access to the annulus outlets while protecting from exposure to the atmosphere with dual-barrier sealing.

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