Carbon storage screening and ranking solution

Derisking your carbon storage strategy through actionable insights

Carbon storage sites screening and ranking solution.
Carbon Storage Screening and Ranking Solution
Learn how to derisk potential sites for economic feasibility and long-term reliability.

Find the most suitable storage sites

The screening and ranking of carbon storage sites is a complex and multifaceted process. There are many factors that must be considered to develop a country-level, regional, or local roadmap to accelerate the identification, selection, and evaluation of the best sites, and in some cases, prepare for upcoming license rounds or contracts for specific sites.

It takes a unique combination of expertise, experience, and technology. At SLB, our experts combine advanced digital technologies with hands-on experience gained from screening hundreds of potential storage sites to find the best fit for your specific needs. Using industry-leading and proprietary technologies and workflows, we provide a consistent and reliable method for screening and ranking potential storage sites, including an assessment of the risk, to ensure economic feasibility and long-term reliability.

From the subsurface geology’s capacity and containment to environmental concerns, infrastructure access, regulations, risk assessments, and initial estimates of site costs and project economics, SLB helps identify the right sites by understanding the big picture.

Criteria selection and weighting.
Criteria selection and weighting.

Supporting you with a proven track record of success

SLB has a proven track record of success in CCS project management. We have supported customers through all phases of the project life cycle—from site screening and evaluation to design and operation of carbon storage sites. With our extensive experience in diverse global geologies, we bring valuable and actionable insights to your CO2 storage project.

Solutions tailored to your needs

Efficiently identify promising CO2 sites while gauging their risks and economic viability.

The right experience, know-how, and technologies

Industry-leading CCUS technologies
Reliable sequestration sites developed on time and on budget
Fit-for-purpose solutions—from modular to holistic
Detailed insight into the challenges of CO2 storage
Improved time to financial investment decision (FID)
CO2 projects delivered worldwide