Boosting Reliability and Efficiency

Published: 03/29/2016

Schlumberger Oilfield Services

The Middle East Center for Reliability and Efficiency is the newest and largest addition to the Schlumberger network of high-efficiency maintenance centers. The recent opening of the center in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, marks another important milestone in the company’s pursuit of operational excellence.

Schlumberger Centers for Reliability and Efficiency are part of the new Technology Lifecycle Management (TLM) organization. Responsible for the maintenance and efficient management of Schlumberger assets, TLM provides an important bridge between the company’s engineering and manufacturing experts and its field operations teams. On the one hand operational knowledge captured from field operations is leveraged for future technology development and, on the other, best practices affecting asset reliability are shared with field operations to optimize the usage of the asset throughout its lifecycle.

The TLM Centers for Reliability and Efficiency are regional maintenance hubs, providing advanced service and centralized maintenance for tools and equipment. The centers use advanced processes like reliability centered maintenance and prognostic health management to significantly enhance operational reliability, a key goal of the Schlumberger transformation program.

In addition to the Middle East Center for Reliability and Efficiency in Saudi Arabia, the network includes regional centers in Malaysia, Mexico and the United States.

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