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Cementing Operations

Published: 02/04/2016

Schlumberger Oilfield Services

Primary cementing operations involve many geologic, chemical, and mechanical parameters and rank among the most important elements of well construction. The cement sheath created during cementing is critical to establishing and maintaining zonal isolation in the well, supporting the casing, and preventing external casing corrosion.

Evaluation of the cement sheath may be enhanced by an integrated approach in which engineers consider cement evaluation logs in the context of drilling and cement slurry placement events. A comprehensive examination of the entire well construction process can help engineers confirm zonal isolation or determine why a primary cementing operation did not achieve isolation. The lessons learned can provide guidance for remediation and improving results in future wells with similar parameters.

Schlumberger engineers have developed a technique by which cementing personnel and operators may easily view and analyze previous well events, thereby improving log interpretation. An article in Oilfield Review, “An Integrated Approach to Cement Evaluation,” explains how performing a comprehensive examination of the entire well construction process can help engineers assess the effectiveness of a primary cementing job. Case histories from the North America illustrate the value of the technique. 

Oilfield Review is the Schlumberger flagship journal of technology, innovation and the science of E&P.


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