Innovation and Reliability

Published: 07/15/2016

Schlumberger Oilfield Services

Each year since 1999, Hart Energy’s E&P documents drill bit records data for different types and sizes of bits in three categories—single-run footage, cumulative footage, and ROP. Data is verified by bit run sheets from drilling contractors and operators.

Continued innovation, reliability, and years of drilling expertise have led Smith Bits, a Schlumberger company, to achieve more world records than any other company for the 18th successive year.

In the review, Smith Bits set 53% of the global records recorded by the drill bit industry–more than all other bit companies combined–with 595 of the 1,123 world records.

Schlumberger engineers have developed drill bit technologies with exceptional results, with product development of both premium roller cone bits and advanced polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) bits, such as the StingBlade conical diamond element bit. 

The company currently holds the longest single-run footage worldwide at 32,586 ft [9,932 m] with an 8.5-in milled tooth bit in Qatar, as well as the highest cumulative footage worldwide with a PDC bit drilling 358,307 ft [109,212 m] with a 6.25-in PDC bit in Alberta, Canada.

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