Technology and Transformation

Published: 09/30/2016

Schlumberger Oilfield Services

Schlumberger championed performance drivers and technical expertise at the 92nd annual Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE), an event that covers current applications and emerging technologies within all phases of E&P from across the globe.

Performance drivers

During the conference's plenary session, Schlumberger Chairman and CEO Paal Kibsgaard discussed the trends affecting the long-term outlook for the industry and cited three dimensions of scale as essential drivers of current and future performance.

The first is the breadth of technology offerings and corresponding technical expertise, which together are key enablers in driving technology and workflow integration.

The second is the extent of global footprint, which enables companies to capture business opportunities in any part of the world with minimum lead time. 

And the third is the opportunity to capture and leverage the growing volume of data produced by field operations and turn this data into knowledge and improved performance using the latest advances in high performance computing, big data analytics, and machine learning. 

Schlumberger has made a series of tactical and strategic moves over the past several years to further strengthen the company's size advantage in parallel with embarking on the most ambitious change management program in the history of Schlumberger, which is a company-wide transformation.

Technical expertise 

Over 30 Schlumberger technical papers were chosen for presentation at the conference by the SPE ACTE selection committees. Schlumberger experts were on hand to share their technical expertise on topics such as drilling performance, development of unconventional resources and carbonates reservoirs, enhanced oil recovery, and plug and abandonment.

Educational collaboration

In addition, Schlumberger supported the SPE's energy education outreach program, which offered high school science teachers the opportunity to participate at this year's ATCE and included a hands-on energy workshop with instructional materials to take back to their classrooms. As part of this initiative, approximately 150 high school students attended the conference to learn about the industry and its technologies.

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