Integrated Drilling

Published: 04/20/2017

Schlumberger Oilfield Services

For years, the industry has been applying discrete drilling technologies and depending on enhancements of these to improve performance. While this has produced notable technical advancements, the logical next step is to fully integrate the well construction process by adopting a holistic, consistent, and collaborative approach to managing the entire drilling system.

The Schlumberger platform of drilling technologies is the industry’s largest and broadest—the ideal starting position for our vision to revolutionize the well construction cycle by comprehensively integrating business and technical systems with domain-driven, best-in-class technology. The centerpiece is our land drilling system of the future, which represents the ultimate integrated drilling system.

The land drilling system of the future brings together our leading surface and downhole hardware with comprehensive optimization software and our established ability to leverage the value of the data to create a step change in operational efficiency. This development knits together years of research from the Schlumberger drilling center in Cambridge, England, with the extensive expertise and downhole technology of the company’s Drilling Group product lines.

From the drilling equipment portfolio of Cameron, Schlumberger is integrating top drive, pipe handling, and blowout preventer technologies. The result is not the usual incremental change from individual products and services but a game-changing synergistic performance improvement.

Aided by a central Drilling Technology Integration Center, the Schlumberger integrated drilling system redefines traditional workflows and crew member roles to reduce the total work hours and the resources required to drill a well. This highly collaborative environment increases well construction efficiency, minimizes risks, and ultimately reduces cost per barrel.

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