Transforming Knowledge

Published: 11/27/2017

Schlumberger Oilfield Services

For the 12th consecutive year, Schlumberger has been recognized as a leader in the Global Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) study—an international benchmark for world-class knowledge organizations.

Companies’ overall rankings are based on performance in eight knowledge sharing categories, and this year Schlumberger was cited as the leader for creating an environment for collaborative enterprise knowledge-sharing.

The MAKE leaders are chosen by a panel of global Fortune 500 senior executives, as well as internationally recognized knowledge management and intellectual capital experts. The study is managed by Teleos, an independent knowledge management and intellectual capital research firm.

The panel rates companies in knowledge performance dimensions such as creating a knowledge-driven culture, developing knowledge workers through senior management leadership, maximizing enterprise intellectual capital, creating a learning organization, delivering value based on stakeholder knowledge, and transforming enterprise knowledge into shareholder value.

“Schlumberger has long been committed to having a culture of collaboration with a focus on knowledge-sharing, technical innovation, and teamwork,” notes Susan Rosenbaum, director, discipline career management and knowledge management. “Teams are encouraged to share their expertise across a vast expanse of time zones, technologies and services using well-defined processes and well-managed internal information systems to foster ongoing networking and learning opportunities for everyone.”