Driving Safety

Published: 08/17/2018

Schlumberger Oilfield Services

Road traffic incidents are ranked by the World Health Organization among the top 10 causes of fatalities worldwide, and reports from the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers indicate that driving-related incidents have historically been a significant cause of fatalities in upstream operations.

Schlumberger takes a serious approach to driving safety as its employees and contractors drive millions of miles per month on all kinds of terrain and all kinds of driving conditions in more than 85 countries.

The company’s ongoing commitment to road safety focuses on driver training, journey management and the use of innovative technologies to improve driver performance.

Ongoing training

Every Schlumberger driver, from field to office, is required to take regular fit-for-purpose driver training, including the use of driving simulators and driver-improvement monitors to provide real-time in-vehicle feedback on driving performance. In addition, Schlumberger shares its driving and road safety expertise through its educational outreach program HSE for Youth.

Journey management centers

Schlumberger global journey management centers support drivers during each journey and reinforce safe driving behaviors. In-vehicle technology enables the centers to monitor driving behavior in real-time and provide immediate feedback on driver performance. The journey management centers perform data analytics to better understand driver behaviors to continuously improve driving safety initiatives.

Innovative mobile applications

Years of expertise gained from the company’s global journey management centers enabled the development of an innovative mobile application (app) for journey management. The mobile application enables drivers to manage their trip with oversight and support from the global journey management centers. The use of the mobile app ensures every trip is verified for compliance in accordance with the company’s risk-based journey management standard. The app enables evaluation of trip risk factors to be automatically calculated, driver competence to be validated, provision of reminders for scheduled fatigue management breaks and ensures appropriate approval for the trip is in place.

Learn more about driving safety initiatives at Schlumberger in the company’s Global Stewardship report.

Global Stewardship
Learn more about driving safety initiatives at Schlumberger in the company's Global Stewardship report.
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