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Enhancing Efficiency

Published: 06/22/2018

Schlumberger Oilfield Services

Sidetracking, the long-proven technique of setting a whipstock to exit an original wellbore to tap an alternate production zone or bypass a downhole obstruction, is using digital technology to enhance performance in increasingly challenging formations and complex well trajectories.

Combined with advances in whipstock and milling technologies, the digital component is enabling operators to plan and conduct sidetracking operations with greater flexibility, precision, and efficiency—important objectives considering the variety of scenarios where the procedure is used.

An article in the Journal of Petroleum Technology Online “Digital Planning and Modeling Enhances Performance of Whipstock Sidetracking System in Complex Wells” describes how optimized tool design, robust materials, and pre-planning regimens that use the latest simulation and visualization software are now essential and highlights the launch of an enhanced modular whipstock sidetracking system designed by Schlumberger engineers.

The TrackMaster Select modular whipstock sidetracking system provides full-gauge windows for casing exit operations and features a single-piece mill engineered with an optimized cutting structure, replacing the random crushed carbide cutters with a cutting structure forged into the tool body. The article includes a case study from Middle East.

Read the full article on the JPT website.

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