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Learning and Development

Professional development program enhances upstream engineering skill sets

Learning and development are at the center of Schlumberger. At the company’s various learning facilities, training is delivered through classroom-based instruction, practical hands-on simulations and the latest interactive learning technologies such as virtual reality.

As part of the company’s ongoing commitment to enhance skill sets for the next generation, a group of trainees from ADNOC have started a two-year professional development program at the Schlumberger Middle East and Asia Learning Center to train in upstream engineering disciplines. The joint-initiative includes educational instruction on in-field technical equipment and on a custom-built training rig.

An article in Pipeline Oil and Gas Magazine “UAE Nationals from ADNOC Begin Schlumberger Training” describes the joint-initiative and highlights key aspects of the learning and development program. Read the full article here.

Read more about learning and development at Schlumberger in the company’s Global Stewardship report.

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