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Engineering Innovation 2019

Published: 05/06/2019

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Schlumberger has a long-standing commitment to research, engineering and technology innovation. That commitment was recognized again this year by the annual E&P Special Meritorious Awards for Engineering Innovation.

The awards recognize new technologies in the upstream industry that reflect excellence in technological development and demonstrate innovation in concept, design and application. The winning technologies represent a broad range of disciplines that provide innovative solutions to solve industry challenges.

In 2019, Schlumberger technologies received awards in four categories:

Drilling fluids

The MEGADRIVE emulsifier package from M-I SWACO, a Schlumberger company, delivers a durable, temperature-stable invert-emulsion fluid. It simplifies diesel- and mineral oil-based drilling fluids by creating and maintaining a nonprogressive gel structure and very low fluid loss control without additional products. These characteristics survive multiple applications to provide a versatile fluid for continuous use.

Formation evaluation

The Concert well testing live performance brings digital automation and communication to well testing by giving operations personnel, remote operation center stakeholders and customers the same real-time information and interactive capabilities in their office or wherever they designate. This seamless access and sharing of data, diagnostics and analysis improves efficiency, data quality and safety to mitigate uncertainty and achieve actionable test results.

Subsea systems

The Multiphase Compression System from OneSubsea is the world’s first subsea wet gas compressor with no requirements for an upstream separation facility or an antisurge system, which greatly simplifies the subsea system requirements. The compressor is a contrarotating machine specifically designed for pressure boosting of unprocessed well streams.

Water management

The AquaWatcher Surface water salinity sensor determines water salinity in real time by employing microwave sensor technology to continuously measure water conductivity in wet gas and multiphase (water-continuous) flow. This automated measurement reduces operating costs by eliminating manual water sampling and analysis.

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