Sharing Technical Expertise and Best Practices at Professional Forums

Published: 01/06/2020

Schlumberger Oilfield Services

Schlumberger has a long-term commitment to support industry trade associations. The company’s experts actively participate in industry organizations around the world and hold leadership and committee positions at the international, regional and local chapter levels.

Participation in these professional societies offer opportunities for subject matter experts to share their technical expertise through participation in conferences, forums, workshops, technical papers and poster presentations across all industry disciplines.

One such organization is the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), a worldwide forum for oil and gas industry professionals to exchange technical knowledge and best practices at international, regional and local events.

At a recent SPE event in the Middle East, Oliver Le Peuch, chief executive officer at Schlumberger, spoke to attendees about the importance of collaboration and sharing technical best practices to create incremental value across the industry and increase benefits to customers.

Schlumberger CEO, Olivier Le Peuch, speaks at the SPE event in the Middle East

“As a leader in the digitalization of the E&P industry,” says Le Peuch, “Schlumberger is enabling a new spirit of open collaboration between industry stakeholders to dramatically increase performance. We believe that digital technology will unlock new opportunities and create incremental value for our customers and partners around the world.”

This event marked the 60th anniversary of the SPE Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section—six decades of technical exchange and knowledge sharing—where regional experts had the unique opportunity to gather, network and reflect on past technical achievements and future ambitions.

“The SPE community worldwide with its local and regional chapters,” notes Le Peuch, “contribute to these endeavors and continue to provide the platform to train and develop the future technical leaders in our industry.”