2020 Meritorious Awards for Engineering Innovation

Published: 05/13/2020

Schlumberger Oilfield Services

Schlumberger has a long-standing commitment to research, engineering, and technology innovation. That commitment was recognized again this year by the Meritorious Awards for Engineering Innovation, one of the industry’s most established and respected engineering awards program.

The annual awards showcase new technologies in the upstream industry that reflect engineering excellence and demonstrate technological innovation in concept, design, and application.

In 2020, Schlumberger technologies were awarded in four categories:

Artificial Lift

The REDA Continuum extended-life ESP pump has a compression design that properly distributes increased downthrust, enabling operation outside the flow range. Its optimized geometry, architecture, and material selection enable the ESP pump to operate with high efficiency through a wide operating range—from 50 to 7,000 bbl/d—improving recovery and reliability at low rates and in transient flow.

Drill Bits

Aegis armor cladding comprises individual strips applied to the blade face of steel-bodied bits, replacing traditional hardfacing and shielding against erosion caused by drilling fluid jetted from nozzles in the bit.

Marine Construction and Decommissioning

The CemFIT Heal flexible self-healing cement system helps ensure well integrity from drilling to abandonment, providing a competent annular pressure seal and protecting against hydrocarbon leaks and sustained casing pressure at the wellhead.

Subsea Systems

The Casing Reconnect metal-to-metal, gas-tight casing repair system is a full-axial-load-bearing metal-to-metal reconnection solution that keeps your drilling program on schedule, secures well integrity for plugging and abandonment operations, and can be used to connect a subsea wellhead to surface.

Learn more about these and other innovative technologies in the Schlumberger resource library.

Image showing 2020 Meritorious Awards for Engineering Innovation winners.