Schlumberger Innovation Recognized as Leading Upstream Energy Technology

Published: 10/19/2020

Schlumberger Oilfield Services

Schlumberger has an ongoing commitment to research, engineering and technology innovation—a commitment recognized again this year by the annual World Oil Awards.

Now in its 19th year, the World Oil Awards honor leading innovations and groundbreaking strides in the upstream energy industry.

The 2020 awards named Schlumberger as best in class in the Best Well Intervention category. The category recognizes a new intervention technology that helps make significant improvements that improve production, reduce cost or save time.

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Best well intervention award

The ACTive Power CT real-time powered downhole measurements system delivers continuous fiber-optic data and power from surface through a hybrid cable in the tubing, eliminating the need for batteries to power downhole tools. The result is virtually unlimited downhole intervention operation time for powered tools—including logging tools—with real-time downhole data through fiber optics.

With fewer trips to surface to replace batteries, operations are more efficient. In addition, downhole tools that were previously used in some longer operations only intermittently during the job to avoid premature battery depletion can be used continuously to improve data quality and interpretation capabilities, leading to enhanced decision-taking and overall operational performance. New tools and operations can also be developed that previously were impossible because of battery limitations.

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