Celebrating 55 Years in Norway: Commemorating the Past, Looking to the Future

Published: 10/06/2021

Schlumberger Oilfield Services

On July 16, 1966, the first two Norwegian employees of Schlumberger in Norway rigged up the new cable bridle on the logging unit on the Ocean Traveler rig to log the first well ever drilled in the Norwegian Continental Shelf, Well 8/3-1.

Working under contract for Esso also meant the establishment of the first Schlumberger facility in Norway—in a corner of the Esso base in Hundvåg outside Stavanger.

Black and white photo of man in wireline truck.
1966: Svein Paulsen rigs up for the first wireline logging job on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.
Black and white photo of man in wireline truck.

"As we celebrate the 55th anniversary of the first well logged by Schlumberger in Norway, our journey of growth continues," notes Atle Nottveit, managing director, Scandinavia. "With our talented team members who are fully committed to innovation and sustainability, we’re ready to support our customers to reduce their footprint and meet the energy demands of the future."

Schlumberger has a history of innovation. Our teams in Norway have contributed to developing technology innovations and manufacturing for worldwide deployment. These innovations include

  • Petrel E&P software platform, which enables geoscientists and engineers to analyze subsurface data from exploration to production with a shared vision of the reservoir
  • ATC automatic tank-cleaning technology, a fleet of custom-built trucks equipped to clean vessel tanks faster, more cost effectively, safer, and with fewer emissions
  • X-COM operator chair, designed and built in Kristiansand, Norway, to improve performance by making it easier and safer to control sophisticated drilling machines
  • Vx Omni subsea multiphase flowmeter, the core of an interconnected digital production system, providing highly accurate multiphase flow measurement at the wellhead. To date, more than 700 Vx Omni flowmeters have been delivered out of OneSubsea's facility in Norway.

"We’re ready to support our customers to reduce their footprint and meet the energy demands of the future."

—Atle Nottveit, managing director, Schlumberger Scandinavia

"These achievements reflect the dedication of our employees in Norway. We are proud of our diversity, with colleagues from 82 different countries, but the majority of our workforce is Norwegian, working offshore or at our facilities on land," notes Nottveit.

"We recruit from Norwegian universities, we have an ongoing apprenticeship program, and we were excited to be recognized as a top employer in the country last year."

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