Making a global impact through local sustainability programs

Published: 10/06/2022

Representative image of UN Sustainable Development Goals with logo

With a global workforce across every continent, we cannot take a one-size-fits-all approach to sustainability.

We believe we have a responsibility to understand our business impacts on the environment and societies and address local challenges as effectively as possible. That is why we implement sustainability programs tailored to the communities and countries wherever we operate.

Why it matters

Our sustainability programs accelerate action locally and regionally to drive the greatest possible impact for both our business and people, across our value chain and in the communities where we work and live.

What this translates to for Schlumberger is a greater ability to deliver on our Climate Action, People and Nature sustainability priorities—accelerating innovation for the energy transition and contributing to energy access and economic development, both locally and worldwide.

How we do it

We empower local teams to align their sustainability programs to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), so that they can focus on the impact opportunities and sustainability challenges that matter the most in their geography.

We do this by mapping the sustainability risks in each country, and by collaborating with our customers, our suppliers, and communities to select the SDGs that matter most locally, and the projects where we can create the greatest positive, stakeholder and business impact.

To strengthen this approach, we’ve recently established a global network of sustainability champions to support these local teams. Sustainability champions are responsible for defining and developing the local sustainability strategy including creating the local net zero road maps and determining accountability for delivery.

What we have to say

“Sustainability does not happen at a corporate level; it takes place in the business, where our sustainability champions are,” said Chief Strategy and Sustainability Officer Katharina Beumelburg. “Our sustainability champions are tailoring what this means to their geographies to make sustainability happen for the company.”

“Our ambition is to foster our sustainability journey by engaging our entire population in the sustainability initiatives that will have the greatest impact where they live and work,” said Offshore Atlantic Sustainability Basin Lead Jodi Wood. “Working together with our employees, our suppliers, and our customers we will reach our greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets and improve our communities.”

See it in action

Meet our sustainability champions for Ecuador, Columbia and Peru, Angola and Central and East Africa, and Kazakhstan. Find out what sustainability means to them and learn about the initiatives in their geographies.