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Editors: Alejandro Martinez Pereira Michael Jones
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Fundamentals of Borehole Seismic Technology

Borehole seismic data provides the critical depth and velocity parameters needed to link surface seismic data with downhole log and well data.

Borehole seismic tools have evolved from single-component sensors to modern seismic array tools. These modern tools, when combined with the latest technology in seismic source quality, navigational positioning, and computational abilities, can deliver in real time high-resolution borehole seismic images that extend beyond the wellbore or into the interwell volume to reduce risk in drilling and development decisions. This book provides a review of the latest tools, technologies, and applications of borehole seismic technology. A discussion of survey design and modeling is also provided.

Fundamentals of Borehole Seismic Technology is the second of a series of Schlumberger reference books produced for current and future oilfield technical professionals.

Schlumberger customers may acquire complimentary single copies of this book from their Schlumberger representative.

This book is available for purchase from Direct Resources

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