Fundamentals of Dielectric Dispersion Logging | Schlumberger
Jean-Marc Donadille and Richard Leech
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Fundamentals of Dielectric Dispersion Logging

The complex physics and petrophysics of dielectric dispersion are not as well known as traditional logging techniques such as resistivity and density. This book provides a reference for log analysts and interpreters so that they know what to expect from this new petrophysical measurement and its applications, many of which are unique to Dielectric Scanner multifrequency dielectric dispersion service:

  • direct quantification of remaining oil saturation where conventional resistivity-based techniques are challenged:
    • very fresh and variable salinity water
    • heterogeneous carbonates
    • reservoirs with wettability alteration
  • quantification of water salinity
  • assessment of the cation exchange capacity for shaly sands
  • quantification of movable heavy oil
  • uninvaded zone saturation and qualitative indication of fluid movability for wells drilled with oil-base mud.

The certainty that dielectric dispersion brings to understanding the reservoir is demonstrated in 22 case studies that follow chapters on the concepts of permittivity and the polarization of electromagnetic waves, the tool architecture of Dielectric Scanner service, and interpretation models for deriving key petrophysical properties.

Fundamentals of Dielectric Dispersion Logging is the fourth in a series of Schlumberger reference books produced for current and future oilfield technical professionals.

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