Fundamentals of Multiphase Metering, Second Edition | Schlumberger
Bruno G. Pinguet
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Fundamentals of Multiphase Metering, Second Edition

This document begins with an historical perspective and reviews the research used to develop the latest available solution through laboratory measurement and field experience. It presents a pragmatic approach to the essence of the multiphase challenges and relates how Schlumberger has met this challenge with a dedicated technology for multiphase well-test metering coupled with several additional devices to deliver a global multiphase solution. Finally, we hope that within this document, both beginners and experts will find valuable information, become familiar with the multiphase metering concepts and technology, and confidently choose the right equipment after having defined the project needs. It is the need for a specific project that should drive the final selection of a multiphase flowmeter rather than an attempt to fit a previously selected multiphase meter as a global solution for every project.

About the author

Bruno G. Pinguet is the worldwide multiphase domain champion for Schlumberger, working out of Paris, France, and Maturin, Venezuela. He has been a key contributor to the design and development of the Vx technology, and for the past 15 years, has worked in all aspects of multiphase metering with particular focus in heavy-oil and bitumen applications and business development worldwide. He is a service-company representative of the Oil and Gas Group Steering Committee of the Department of Trade and Industries, UK, and is responsible for collaborative research with the National Engineering Laboratory (NEL) in the UK. Bruno holds a BSc and MS in physics and a PhD (1994) in fluid mechanics from the University of Pierre & Marie Curie, Paris. He has more than 70 technical publications and several patents in multiphase technologies with respect to fluid properties’ measurements and nuclear sampling techniques.

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