Fundamentals of Production Logging | Schlumberger
Colin Whittaker
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Fundamentals of Production Logging

From a few basic sensors, production logging tools have evolved to a family of tools each with sensors designed to make measurements that, once interpreted together, provide accurate flow rates for multiple phases and determine precisely where the various fluids are entering (or exiting) the borehole. This development and application of new production logging technologies is much needed, as well trajectories continue to grow in complexity, progressing from vertical to deviated and horizontal and posing new challenges in completion design and flow assurance.

The aim of Fundamentals of Production Logging is to provide a comprehensive understanding of production logging sensors, interpretation techniques, applications, and job planning. From the most basic wells through intelligent completions with three-phase flow, the goal remains the same: to achieve an accurate interpretation.

This is the third in a series of Schlumberger reference books produced for current and future oilfield technical professionals.

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