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Successes in Shale Plays

Produce more with less through integrated technologies

How do you define success?

In shale plays, success is determined by better reservoir understanding, and ultimately, greater ROI. Schlumberger has provided expert technology and services in every active shale play worldwide. Our local knowledge, global insight, and innovative technologies have consistently proven to help customers produce more with less—less risk, less rig time, less environmental impact, and less footprint. Learn how our industry-leading, integrated shale offerings can help you

  • use seismic, core, and petrophysical measurement and analysis to better understand your reservoir
  • reduce time to drill to total depth
  • maximize reservoir contact during drilling and completions
  • optimize production management.

Technology drives efficiencies

Careful selection of technology and services, and continuous improvement, is essential for long-term success, confident decisions, and improved operational efficiency. This collection of case studies demonstrates how the right combination of people, processes, and technology can meet the challenges of shale reservoir development. The booklet is organized by the domains of evaluation, drilling, completions, and production. Simply click on a title in the table of contents to view the story. An alternate table of contents, organized by play, is also included.


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