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USD 1 Million Saved by Improving Consistency of Flat-Time Activities Resulting from Detailed Analysis

Published: 03/04/2021

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The operator’s concerns

The primary objective was to improve the connection times and other flat-time activity performance on a customer’s rig. The usual approach looks at various KPIs and passes these metrics to the rig, where implementation is left to the rig crew. Because rigs are on a day rate, struggle to commit time and resources to adjust performance. These performance gaps challenge customers struggling to understand why gaps exist or how to remedy them. Full understanding of flat time and performance gaps requires data and onsite observers to reveal causes.

What Schlumberger recommended

Schlumberger recommended narrowing the inconsistencies among drillers and crews and improving equipment efficiency using data analytics, micro-KPIs, and onsite observation to uncover root causes for flat-time inconsistencies between crews and rigs.

What was achieved

By using our service, the customer was able to precisely identify where the time was being lost and by which driller. This type of targeted approach to problem solving results in efficient use of the resources. Our micro-KPI and driller analysis clearly identified the target areas to focus on for improved connection times. Implementing these recommendations achieved a 17% reduction in connection times on one rig and 10% reductions on another rig. These were precise and actionable recommendations to each driller and crew, enabling their focus on weak areas to continuously improve the performance to save the customer USD 1 million.

Graph showing improved connection times.
Improved connection times through analysis of individual driller’s performance and targeting the micro-KPIs to focus on.
Middle East, Onshore

A customer used Schlumberger rig consulting services to review two onshore rig crews to identify and resolve flat time and performance gaps. Crew inconsistencies were revealed and, by implementing recommendations, a 17% reduction in connection times was realized on a specific rig and 10% reduction on another rig.

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