Operator Quadruples Production and Cuts 5 Days in Rig Time and Associated Costs | Schlumberger
Case Study
Indonesia, Asia, Offshore

Challenge: Find cost-effective, efficient alternative to conventional plug-and-perf method of hydraulic fracturing in multilayered reservoir

Solution: Use Falcon* uncemented multistage stimula-tion system to streamline fracturing process

Results: Quadrupled production and saved more than 5 days and USD 45,000 in associated rig costs

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Operator Quadruples Production and Cuts 5 Days in Rig Time and Associated Costs

Falcon uncemented multistage stimulation system streamlines operations in Indonesia

Operator seeks more efficient technique

A consolidated sandstone formation in Indonesia characterized by low overall porosity and permeability (10 mD) required hydraulic fracturing. The operator needed a more cost-effective alternative to the conventional plug-and-perf method it had been using, which for a five-stage well had taken 10 days and a total of 20 runs to complete. Selective production was required because of variations in water breakthrough in the multiple zones.

Multistage stimulation system is compared with conventional plug-and-perf

To streamline fracturing operations in the five-stage openhole well, Schlumberger advised using its Falcon multistage stimulation system for uncemented wells. The Falcon system requires only a single trip for installation, minimizing rig time and associated risks. Multiple zones are fractured sequentially after each previous stage has been pumped and the respective balls have been dropped. The ball seats are designed to allow the balls to easily flow back to the surface without sticking during production, minimizing the need for milling runs. Selective zonal isolation and stimulation optimize production.

Falcon system greatly decreases operation and quadruples production

The Falcon system completed the entire five-stage operation in less than 5 days and took eight runs, including perforating, cleanup, running the QUANTUM* gravel-pack packer, and running the fracture string. For a similar well with five stages, the conventional plug-and-perf system had taken 10 days and 20 runs.

Because of the selective zonal stimulation, use of the Falcon system quadrupled production—from an estimated 90 bbl/d for the plug-and-perf well to 370 bbl/d. The operator saved USD 45,000 in rig-related costs and completed the well 5 days ahead of schedule. As a result, the operator has continued to use the Falcon system in all its multistage stimulation operations.

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The Falcon uncemented multistage stimulation system withstands differential pressures up to 10,000 psi across the packers and ball seats, permits higher fracture rates with lower pump pressures, and minimizes the need for workovers to mill out the frac balls.
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